TTT802, Cables

Sensors, Coils etc.


Gearshift Controller TTT802-S,  -P

with Gearcut, Blip, Launch Control...

For sequential gearbox with gear sequence R-N-1-2-3-4-5-(6)-(7)

TTT802-S1 Cableharness DR25/Spec.44

RFA360 Transmissive rotary sensor

Gearbox Indicator TTT031

Download factorysettings for TTT802-Firmware 5.2, 5.3 & 5.4 (Dat-fil)

TTT802-CC Crosscart Cableharness DR25/Spec.44

RFA-Twin-360 Transmissive rotary sensor

Modification to adapt older TTT031 displayunits to the VGX sensor

TTT905 Quick Trim (Launch Control)

TTT802-S2 Cableharness DR25/Spec.44

Proximity Sensor E2A


TTT748-BV Ignition Interface

3-Pole Female Extension cable 500mm

Mounting bracket for 8mm sensor on Tractive gearlever


TTT937-S Power Switch,

Ignition Interface

3-Pole Male Extension cable 500mm

Load Cell GSS /500-5KPL


TTT802 Sun Visor

4-Pole Female Extension cable 500mm

Hallsensor 55075


How to connect TTT 802 to different engine management systems

2-Pole Female Extension cable 500mm

Gear Tooth Sensor HALGT1

Other documents

How to connect TTT802 to

ECU type Nira i3+

TTT802-QT  "Add-on" Cable harness for TTT905 Quick Trim (Launch Control) and Start-Switch

Rotary Potentiometer POT5K

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How to connect TTT802 to

ECU type Emerald K3

TTT802-BAL "Add-on" Cable harness  for Blip and Analog Lever

Linear potentiometer POT5K-L


How to connect TTT802 to

ECU type Omex 710

Communication cable RS232 for TTT802

Ignition Coil Denso D580


How to connect TTT802 to

ECU Master EMU

Signal splitter, 0,25m DR25 Y-cable with 3-pole SureSeal connectors

Proximity Sensor High Temp


How to connect TTT802 to

ECU Link G4+ Fury


VGX360 Contactless rotary sensor


How to connect TTT802 to

ECU MaxxRace


EXP-Twin-360 Contactless redundant rotary sensor




Tempsensor NTC -50C to + 150C